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2012-2013 News and Events
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The Church with a Mission

The mission of the St. John Baptist Church is evangelistic: to make disciples for Jesus Christ [Matthew 28:18-19]; to promote the preaching of GOD's word in an atmosphere of prayer and praise, under the direction of the Holy Spirit. We are dedicated to a ministry of sharing God's blessings; therefore, we generously support global [Acts 16:9], and home [Acts 6:1-3] missions. We will strive as a congregation for a just society for the least of God's children, in civic engagements and in economic empowerment. We will use a portion of our  resources to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and house the homeless, as God gives us the ability [Luke 4:18-19]. We also consider education crucial and   essential in the life of the Christian.

About St. John Baptist Church
The St. John Baptist Church is a 3800 member congregation which sits on a 45 acre campus in downtown Buffalo. Our sanctuary and administrative offices is the main focal point of the campus which also houses our various community developments and corporations. The following developments consist of our McCarley Gardens housing complex which are 150 unit 2, 3 and 4 bedroom tri-level apartments, St. John Tower a 150 unit Senior Citizen unit, The Smith Family Life Center, a 30 thousand square foot activity center for health, education and recreational activities.

The St John Baptist Church Has Membership in the Following Organizations:
The Progressive National Baptist Convention Inc, The American Baptist Convention Inc, Baptist Ministers Conference of Buffalo and Vicinity, The Visiting Ushers Association of Buffalo and Vicinity.